Thoughts from class 9-19-16

Fundamental Defensive Pistol – Thoughts From Class

There’s always a flood of thoughts that follow every class. Thoughts in terms of what can we do better, thoughts in terms of lessons learned by the students.

We had a wide variety of skill levels in this class from extremely experienced and talented, to people who had literally shot once before in their lives. Pistols varied from Glock 19 and 43, Sig Sauer 225, Walther PPQ, Springfield Armory XDS, and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. Performance was exceptional and motivation was higher than expected given the relatively warm weather and 8+ hours of concentration.

What follows are some brief thoughts.

  • It’s OK to make mistakes as long as they are under controlled conditions. If you don’t make mistakes you’re not learning anything new. The instructor’s job is to move you past your comfort zone; evaluate, make suggestions, then reevaluate for effect.

  • We are our own worst enemies sometimes when it comes to demanding perfection. Hold yourself to a higher standard (that’s what makes you good) but recognize the line where it can be counterproductive. Tell yourself: that’s not bad, but I can do better. Sometimes it’s ok to give yourself a break. 😉

  • When gauging yourself take into consideration your level of experience. Don’t make excuses but be realistic.

  • There is a balance to be struck between speed and accuracy. Prioritize accuracy just above speed. You can’t miss fast enough.

  • When initially learning, slow down and take things step-by-step, Make the reps quality reps, the speed will come with practice.

  • The fundamentals are there for a reason. Sight alignment, trigger control, follow through.

  • You can “love” a pistol but the pistol won’t love you back. If defensive use is your goal, go with the pistol you shoot and manipulate the best.

Thank you to all of the students for a rewarding class!

My plan is to add videos as a refresher for students. This is the YouTube page.


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