Thoughts from class – 10/18/15

Classes are challenging on many fronts, on many levels. How do I keep students engaged? How do I ensure that people of varying skill levels are appropriately challenged? How do I track the progress and challenges of each student? The particular challenge I’m facing now is how do I narrow down the many accomplishments from

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Help me, don’t “help” me.

 “Here, let me ‘help’ you with that.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.  (Apologies to William Goldman; Princess Bride). I’ve heard that phrase uttered a lot.  What follows is typically the person who says it actually taking over and performing a task for someone rather

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Active Listening Skills

Several years ago one of the buzz-words (phrases) was active listening skills.  In other words actually listen to what someone has to say rather than wait for your turn to speak, or just assume something without actually paying attention to the words and non-verbal cues the other person was providing.  People failed at it then

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