Thoughts from class 9-19-16

Fundamental Defensive Pistol – Thoughts From Class There’s always a flood of thoughts that follow every class. Thoughts in terms of what can we do better, thoughts in terms of lessons learned by the students. We had a wide variety of skill levels in this class from extremely experienced and talented, to people who had

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Shooting Accurately

Three shooters, three experience levels. Two Glocks, one Cz. All had one goal – increase accuracy. The people we work with have consistently shown focus; they listen, process, and apply the feedback they get and it shows in their targets. The improvements today were impressive even by the standard set by our shooters. There are

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Thoughts from class – 10/18/15

Classes are challenging on many fronts, on many levels. How do I keep students engaged? How do I ensure that people of varying skill levels are appropriately challenged? How do I track the progress and challenges of each student? The particular challenge I’m facing now is how do I narrow down the many accomplishments from

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