Shooting Accurately

Three shooters, three experience levels. Two Glocks, one Cz. All had one goal – increase accuracy. The people we work with have consistently shown focus; they listen, process, and apply the feedback they get and it shows in their targets. The improvements today were impressive even by the standard set by our shooters.

There are three keys to shooting accurately. None of them include spending money on a part or gun modification. The keys are sight alignment, trigger control, and follow through.

Sight alignment is the relation of the front sight to the rear sights. The top of the body of the front sight should level with the tops of the rear sights. There should be roughly an equal amount of space to the right and left of the front sight. Notice the front sight is in focus and the target and rear sights are blurry.


Trigger control is moving the trigger to discharge a round without disrupting the sight alignment. Sounds simple, but doing this consistently is more difficult than most people realize. Most people make the mistake of pulling the trigger too quickly. The root cause seems to be lack of proprioception. The solution depends on the specific shooter.

Follow through is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the part of the stroke following the striking of a ball” but in our case it will be the part of the shot following the discharge of the round. Simply enough it is finding the front sight again. For every shot fired you focus on the front sight before and after the shot. So if you shoot one round, you will find the front sight (with sight alignment) twice. If you shoot 9 shots, you will find the front sight 10 times.

So in broad terms it will look something like this:

1.      Identify the target

2.      Focus on the front sight

3.      Align the front sight between the rear sights

4.      Pull the trigger to the rear without disrupting that sight alignment

5.      Find the front sight again with proper sight alignment

6.      Repeat as necessary 


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