The Pistol Shakes – Wobble Zone


One of the fundamentals of marksmanship is sight alignment – aligning the front and rear sights.

Wobble zone, what is it? It’s that minor bit of movement you get when you try and get the sights perfectly aligned. Some people get concerned about it and try and wait until the sights are perfectly aligned before shooting. These same people often find themselves getting fatigued and that wobble zone worsening. Then some may try and fire the shot quickly, before the wobble gets worse. This creates problems with trigger control – another marksmanship fundamental.

So we’ve identified a problem. What’s the solution? Accept that we will not be able to hold the pistol perfectly still and that we can still get acceptable hits even with some wobble. Our goal is defensive shooting, not competition shooting.

There is a common saying of: take the first best sight picture. Not exactly correct grammar but I think it get’s the idea across. Also, the best is the enemy of the good.

Try shooting while accepting some wobble, you may be surprised by the results being better than expected.


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