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Pistol Holster

Today I had the pleasure of running a private training class for a couple.  It was obvious that they took training seriously, had put in work on pistol shooting, and invested in quality pistols.  It definitely showed.  We accomplished a lot in a brief amount of time.  It’s people like this that made me start this business and it’s people of this caliber that keep me motivated.

One interesting issue that arose during class was holster selection.  There are a huge variety of holster manufacturers in the market; some good, some…..not so much.  A general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for.  Having said that, you don’t need to spend $120 on a holster to get good quality.  Expect to spend about $60 for something that will not fail you.

So, what are some qualities to look for in a holster?  Here’s a short list to get started.  Keep in mind that body types vary and finding a holster is a trial and error process.  Online forums are typically a poor choice for information, but they can serve as a place to purchase a used holster until you find the style that works best for you and your lifestyle.  The more you wear your holster, the more it will become natural to you.

Holster characteristics:

  • Holds the pistol close to your body

  • The “mouth” will stay open to allow reholstering

  • Stays in one place on your belt, will not shift forward or backwards

  • An inside the waistband holster that holds the pistol high allows for a better initial grip, one that sits lower on the pants is better concealment but needs more work to be able to draw it

  • Avoid ones with a flimsy clip

  • It must cover the trigger and trigger guard

  • You should be able to get a solid firing grip on the pistol when it is in the holster

Personally I prefer kydex over leather.  It isn’t affected by sweat.  It’s thinner.  The mouth stays open.  Leather is not a bad choice at all, this is a personal preference.

Avoid the $20 holster or one that has your trigger finger manipulating some kind of retention device (button or lever).

Stop into a store with a good selection of holsters to actually try the holsters on before you invest in it.  What looks good online won’t necessarily be one that works for you.  Elmore’s Firearms in Greenwood, IN has a good selection of quality holsters.

Some “local” holsters that are quality:

Some national one:

This is a good video one some considerations on holsters for women.  It’s obvious the person put a lot of thought and effort into this.  She actually models the holsters starting at about 2:50.

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