“This ain’t the movies”

There is often a negative emotional reaction to hearing someone was shot multiple times before they were stopped from violently attacking someone. Most people who have this emotional reaction think someone only needs to be shot one time to be stopped. Their frame of reference is movies and/or TV. It’s nonsense.

Of all the people I have seen shot, or worked on who were shot, every single one has continued to run, shoot, fight, or drive after being shot multiple times. The exception is those who were shot in the #CNS (central nervous system).

Michael Yon is a journalist who was embedded with our military in Iraq.

Take a minute to read and heed. Ignore the numbered points, the salient material is at the end.

Also, take a look at

Note that both the felons as well as the FBI agents were seriously injured by gunshots but continued to fight.

“…Despite being mortally wounded, Platt used his Mini-14 with devastating effect as he rapidly and aggressively flanked and advanced on the agents…”

The following is from Michael Yon’s Facebook page

Michael Yon

November 28, 2014 · Edited ·

Ferguson: Why did the officer not shoot Brown in the legs?

Many people are innocently asking this question. The answer could go on for pages, but to be succinct, a couple handfuls of reasons:

1) This ain’t the movies
2) Most police do not fire their weapons much. Most are not great shots.
3) He would have to be an incredible shot to be crazy enough to fire wounding shots.
4) Nearly all firefights are “stress shoots.” The other guy is moving. Heart is beating fast, often out of breath. The officer in Ferguson had just been punched in the face and had been in a wrestling match for his pistol, according to him.
5) Bullets that miss can hit someone else.
6) You always are low on ammo, and you do not want to waste a single bullet.
7) Time spent reloading is dangerous
8) I have seen many people shot who kept fighting. Shot with weapons far more powerful than any officer’s pistol. Many police and combat troops have seen this and will verify.
9) Police and Soldiers never train to shoot to wound. (None that I know of.) All combat shots are center mass of any part of the target that you can see. If you see only a foot. Shoot the foot. If you see a chest — aim for the middle. That is the way troops and police train. If the officer is pointing his pistol at someone, he is one click away from going lethal. There is no in between.
10) This ain’t the movies.

During the firefight at the link below, I was photographing when two people were shot a total of seven times. Two men, shot seven times. (US Soldier three times, al Qaeda four times with M4 point blank.)

After the US Soldier was hit three times in front of me, he continued to fight well. He was hit badly at nearly point blank. The al Qaeda terrorist was hit 4x. He was still standing trying to shoot. One shot took off a testicle, and then he got tackled by a US Soldier. Despite being hit 4x, he then engaged in aggressive hand to hand combat.

Again, this ain’t the movies. When officers or troops shoot, they must shoot to kill.

See the bullets fly and the men fight:

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