Do you know what your problem is………..

There never seems to be a shortage of people to chime in (unsolicited) and tell you what you’re doing wrong.  On the occasion that they have a valid point, very few are able to offer a practical suggestion on how to solve that problem. 

So how does this relate to firearms training and shooting problems?  Good question.  🙂

Recently I had the opportunity to watch some training take place.  There was a shooter who was having issues getting rounds on target.  The “instructor” came up and told them they were anticipating the recoil and that was their problem.  He then told them to put an empty brass casing on the front of the slide and not let it move while doing dry practice.  Sounds good right? 

Sure, unless you’re the shooter.  They were told a possible problem and given a technique that simply shows when that problem is happening.  There was no solution that was offered – they weren’t given specific suggestions on how to make that happen. 

If the trainer isn’t able to

  1. Correctly identify shooting problems

  2. Communicate that problem to you

  3. Provide a practical solution

  4. Reevaluate your shooting to see if that is the correct solution

  5. Continually work with you to make sure you have a beginning grasp of the concept

then they’re not actually training you.

I consider part of my job being to give you the tools you need to continue to practice shooting and to be able to start trouble shooting (pun intended) problems you encounter. If your trainer isn’t doing this, what are they doing?

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