Have a plan for the range

I try and set 1 or 2 goals so I have a plane for the range. We all have the tendency to do things we’re good at and avoid the things that we’re not good at. I’m as guilty as anyone about this. =/

Lately when I’ve been going to the range I’ll limit myself to 100 handgun rounds so I make the most of every round. I also have been just loading 5 rounds into the 2 magazines I bring. I decided that the 2 areas I want to work on are one handed shooting and shooting from 10 yards and out.

The last session I started out at the 10 yard line and fired 10 rounds for a warm up. Then, I moved to the 15 yard line and shot groups of 10 rounds. Next was some work strong hand and weak hand only. I finished with 2 “slow” fire strings of 5 from the 7.

When I didn’t get the results I wanted I didn’t get frustrated. I slowed down and went over a mental checklist to make sure I was applying the fundamentals correctly. My groups got tighter and I finished strong. I have more work to do but I have a plan to get there.

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