Spare tires and pistols…..have a plan for life’s inconveniences

A few days ago I had a flat tire courtesy of all of the ‪chuckholes /‪‎potholes in ‪‎Indianapolis. Fortunately I’m familiar with how to use my tire changing equipment. I also got rid of the “‪donut‬” ‪‎Spare Tire and replaced it with a full sized one years ago. I keep jumper cables and some cold weather gear in the space where the tiny spare tire went. I flip the full sized tire so I can store things on the inside of it… some medical gear and a head lamp (hint hint). =)

Make sure you know how to change a tire. Make sure your loved ones know how to change a tire.

Oh, and I broke down in a bad part of ‪Indy (thank you ‪Murphy’s Law‬). In addition to having a spare and knowing how to change a tire……carry a‪ pistol………………after getting trained and licensed. 😉

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