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Thoughts from class – 6/14/15

Thoughts from class

This past Sunday we ran an NRA Basic #Pistol Shooting Course for a small class. Because it was so small we were able to cover all of the NRA material then expand into some handgun manipulations – loading / unloading, drawing the pistol, some malfunctions, and press check / chamber check (verifying if the pistol is loaded). Despite high humidity and relatively warm weather this group gave 100%. They were attentive and stayed focused!

The point that stood out the most from this class was that bad habits (training scars) are difficult to undo. If you are doing something in an inefficient manner and do this for years and years it will take even more time and effort to change that to a more efficient method.

So what’s the take away from that? Get quality training early in your shooting career.  That way you learn safe and efficient methods of gun handling that will pay off down the road. If you’ve considered training do it this summer.

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